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About Us

Years of experience

In prepaid vending and utility management servicing Corporates and Estates 

Years of combined knowledge

We have collectively over a century of combined knowledge within the Utility Industry

Wonderful team of people

Our dynamic team is rapidly growing as we reach every milestone

About us

i-Switch Prepaid Metering (Pty) Ltd is a smart prepaid metering company with over 16 years experience of bringing smart prepaid metering solutions to Body Corporates and Estates. We have an extensive understanding of end-user needs and the importance of an uninterrupted utility supply and focus on the supply and vending of prepaid meters.

i-Switch encompasses the ability to leverage of the of the “old way” and transition into an evolved, forward thinking company by synchronising the way things HAVE BEEN done and the way things SHOULD be done. We have the experience and knowledge as well as a highly dynamic team to take us to the next level of utility management.

Our story

Our values

Client interaction is always dealt with in an ethical manner and integrity is one of our core values that we believe has built a solid trust relationship between i-Switch clients, shareholders and communities

Evolving with technology and our highly volatile economic climate is our key focus to deliver customer satisfaction through smart solutions

Water and electricity shedding have devastating affects on the economy, business growth and the communities. The solution: implement meter management in every household to monitor energy consumption, protect household appliances and reduce the impact on the economy.  

Our goal is to deliver superior services to our clients whilst providing highly competitive pricing without compromising on quality


To be the leading prepaid meter brand, reputationally known for embracing change, achieving excellence, always ceasing the quest for continuous growth and striving to be better than we were the day before.


Our promise is to give our clients and colleagues the commitment and continuous improvement to not just reach but always exceed expectations. Our market leading technology, dedicated and diverse team gives us the edge to provide the most cost effective utility solutions without compromising on quality

What our clients have to say about our prepaid services?

How likely are you to recommend our product/service to others? 90%
How satisfied are you with the overall quality of our product/service? 97%
How responsive were our customer service representatives? 95%
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